Lemon + Coffee + Hot Water – The Benefits for Weight Loss

Lemon + Coffee + HOt Water

Throughout the years, people’s eating habits have been maintained, whether by tradition, taste or other reason, but drinking a certain drink in the morning became a ritual.

In recent years, the consumption of coffee accompanied with lemon has become popular, weaving several ideas on this combination that make it a ‘very’ beneficial drink.

According to the Better with Health portal , coffee alone has a positive relationship against liver diseases and it seems that it would affect the lower probability of developing liver cancer, as well as cardiovascular diseases and metabolic problems; Although it should not be drunk in excess, it has not been shown to trigger a dangerous health situation.

Meanwhile, lemon provides vitamin C that contributes to the development of bones, as well as wound healing and the activation of vitamins such as those of group B, among other benefits. Its antioxidant capacity and the strengthening of the immune system have also been associated.

“The result of mixing two good things should be something even better. Combining these two foods, with proven health benefits, is very positive, although some effects are clearly overrated, “the publication noted.

For its part, Food from El Confidencial demystified several properties that occur in this combination. One of them was headache relief, as this would be more associated with the effect of coffee on improving blood flow. In addition, it relieves diarrhea, but for this there is no scientific evidence to support that lemon water and caffeine affect anal contraction, so it would have no effect.

Finally, it has also been associated with dissolving body fat, although this is not related to drinking either.

It slims weight, removes stains, reduces fluid retention … who has not ever heard that lemon water has almost so many benefits that it is almost miraculous. We ask the experts how it works and interacts with our body, beyond urban legends.

rinks of celebrities, yogis and models … we open Pandora’s box on the real benefits of lemon water. Eva Mendes has confessed to TELVA that her best beauty advice was given to her by a “Chinese doctor, whom I met a few years ago, told me that I should drink a glass of hot water with a lemon wedge every morning before having breakfast. I have my coffee. ” Meanwhile, the model Nieves Álvarez confesses that her home trick to be beautiful was received from her mother, who “taught me to drink a glass of hot water with lemon when I got up .”

But what truth or lie there is in the benefits of lemon to cleanse, lose weight, detoxify the body … everyone takes it or says they take it. We wonder all about the “lemon”.

“Its diuretic benefits help purify the body , it is a general tonic that stimulates the activity of the digestive organs. The famous lemon cure, although it is very good to purify the body and lose excess weight , is contraindicated for those who suffer from insufficiency kidney, children and the elderly, lactating and pregnant women. Normally it is done starting the first day with the juice of half a squeezed lemon and increases until reaching a rate of several lemons as tolerated by each person. Approximately 7 days later you have to start reducing the dose in reverse, with a maximum of two weeks “explains nutritionist Andrea Carucci to TELVA.

It is beneficial to health because according Carucci “lemons, thanks to the flavonoids in combination with vitamin C and organic acids, it protects ulcers, is a natural antihistamine, and helps produce and maintain the collagen. The juice whole lemon , which includes both the pulp and the rind, obtains a remarkable effect against the flu or the cold, it is useful for sore throats, gingivitis and mouth sores “. And “it metabolizes fats and helps a better digestion , but its juice has to be consumed immediately or it generates adverse effects” points out Andrea Carucci.

But how does the lemon that says it takes advantage of everything work? Is it for all people? We continue to investigate its juice, its peel, all the fruit!

Mercedes Torre, journalist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist, answers six key questions about the controversial and famous world of lemon water . Because not everyone should take it and you may not benefit from abusing it throughout the year.


“I believe that common sense should prevail, not even the healthiest food is valid for everyone at any time of the year or at any time of the day. From energy nutrition, the action of each food in our body is strongly emphasized and this should be taken into account when assessing the needs of each person “.


“Lemon juice is astringent, it contains organic liquids and also replenishes fluids. It is very cold in nature, therefore it refreshes us. It is ideal for the summer because when we sweat we lose those organic liquids and we are very hot, but It would not be so appropriate in winter, or on an empty stomach if we are talking about a very cold person “.


“The peel that can be of the yellow lemon or the green lemon, of course of an ecological fruit, to be able to dry it and use it in infusions and salads. That skin will help us to improve digestion when there is a feeling of heaviness, inflammation, gases will help us to move the ‘chi’, to dry the humidity and to unblock “.


“The juice cools, hydrates and purifies, it would be ideal for hot people, who have symptoms of thirst, who eat salt, fat and many proteins; that is, foods that have a very hot nature. That cooling juice would not be appropriate for very people. who are cool or have a pale complexion. ”


We should not go overboard with the amounts of juice, or consume it all year round, or on an empty stomach . If it is taken without anything in the stomach, it is better to do it with hot water so as not to cool the digestive system at that time and better in spring and summer. With the skin is different, we can take it in infusions , grated or in salad and it is good for almost everyone when it comes to improving digestion “.


“Lemon juice is very fashionable because of its detox and purifying action, but if we have that need we can go to the whole plant world and specifically to onion, celery, parsley and artichoke broths that would be more suitable for people who have retention of liquids or a lot of internal cold. On the other hand, if we think of the ideal summer refreshment that we feel hot and we are sweating all day there, the water with lemon is perfect. ”


The Dr. Debora R. Vilaboa, Vilaboa director of the Clinic and professor at the CEU-San Pablo University Aesthetic Dental , talks about the harmful effects of water with lemon, and lemon in general for teeth.

  • “Water with lemon is a problem for the tooth and for the structure of dental enamel , since the pH, being further diluted in water, is enhanced and becomes an acid pH that will inexorably produce the disappearance of enamel layers “.
  • “If lemon is used regularly within a diet , it must be taken into account that, even in people who have caps, there will be demineralization of the margin area of ​​the porcelain sleeve. Porcelain is not susceptible to acid erosion of the lemon but the margin between the tooth and the porcelain. And in those areas that tend to settle in the roots there will be very aggressive demineralizations that will cause the tooth to fracture one day, even eating a diet that does not last “.
  • In the case of having the habit of using lemon, lemon water or juice, the following precautions should be taken into account :
  • Try to drink water or lemon juice while you are ingesting a dairy that counteracts the acid effect, since calcium provides ions. Also yogurt or cheese.
  • Do not brush your teeth as soon as you have ingested lemon water, since the toothbrush acts as a sweeper of the enamel prisms that are unstructured by the action of the lemon.
  • It is totally inadvisable to drink water with diluted lemon or, even worse, lemon juice on an empty stomach and not ingest or chew anything that can promote salivary secretion or counteract the highly erosive effect of lemon .
  • If you think you have xerostomia or dry mouth syndrome, lemon should not be taken. For example, in patients who are undergoing cancer therapies or treatments or polypharmacy (three or more medications a day) or treatments for insomnia , anxiety or depression , lemon should not be ingested because in these patients there is no flow guaranteed of saliva that can counteract the erosive effect of lemon. Therefore, in such patients the effect can be devastating.
  • If lemon is used, it should be used as a condiment when taking a salad , for example, as a substitute for vinegar. Or a fruit salad in the morning can also be a good idea, and incorporate in this fruit salad some dairy such as cheese, which can be light cheese or light yogurt as well.
  • Lemon was used years ago as a home remedy to remove stains and try to whiten teeth, but it was precisely because of this erosive effect. It did not remove stains, it removed the first, second and third layer of enamel, leaving a dull tooth, with a rounder anatomy, removing all ridges, mamelons (enamel and dentin projections) or even the incisal edges of the teeth .