Omicron and Delta: Create Super Chinstrap That Kills The Coronavirus In 60 Seconds

Antiviral and ecological, it eliminates the risk of contagion in an instant and washes up to 100 times.

The coronavirus is here to stay and the new variants force us to stay alert and protected. For this reason, Nanotech Salud SA designed a mask that protects against the Delta variant, and that, in addition, would eliminate the new mutation called Ómicron.

How does it work? The spike protein of SARS-coV2 is the key that the virus has to enter the human body and infect the cells it needs to live. It attaches itself to the ACE2 enzyme and begins to expand. The SI BAC PURE nanotechnology used by Nanotech -and already patented in more than 147 countries-, the first thing it does when it comes into contact with the virus is to eliminate the protein that it uses to enter the cell. In this way, in the first 60 seconds, it eliminates the risk of contagion.

Its denomination Nanotech Shields 7.3 refers to the 7 layers of protection that the mask has distributed in three fabrics, in addition to greater comfort and adaptability it has a nose clip and elastic regulators. For the peace of mind of the people, each of the chinstraps has an online traceability system, which makes it impossible to falsify.

Why is it a super chinstrap?

It contains a water-repellent treatment in charge of retaining the drops of saliva expelled by the user to the outside.

Nanotech Shields 7.3 Features:

  • Water-repellent treatment, responsible for retaining the drops of saliva expelled by the user to the outside.
  • Bleeding repellent treatment in charge of protecting against a possible blood spatter.
  • Antiviral treatment is responsible for eliminating 99.98% of viruses and responsible for eliminating the virus if the user is infected and is asymptomatic.
  • Internal non-woven fabric filter, filtering more than 96% of dust particles.
  • On the inside, it also has an antibacterial treatment in charge of eliminating the colony of bacteria and fungi that are generated with the use of the chinstrap.

On the other hand, its SI BAC PURE system and its active agent have multiple quality and low impact certifications, such as the EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States), and the OEKO -Performance 100 from Europe (which certifies that no harmful chemicals were used in its manufacture). Inclusion, its active agent is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the fight against Covid.

More savings, less environmental impact

In addition to being safe, these masks do not contain heavy metals and are cheaper. On the other hand, its environmental impact is 95% less than three-layer disposable chinstraps that take up to 450 years to biodegrade.

A Nanotech Shields 7.3 social mask replaces 300 disposable masks and 10-30 ion nanotechnology masks on the market.

It is highly resistant and durable: it can be used 12 hours a day and washed up to 100 times. Its price is $ 560 and is available in some pharmacies in the country or on the official website of the manufacturer

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