The Japanese Zero Training Method To Lose Weight And Lose Fat In Five Minutes

Stretching exercises are the protagonists of this method.

The Internet is full of recipes and tricks to lose weight, however, no substance is miraculous, but it will depend a lot on the lifestyle that a person leads and the exercise routine that they carry out daily.

Regarding weight loss and fat loss, there is a Japanese exercise method called Zero Training, which does not require a lot of physical strength, but is based on stretching and breathing; thus it promises to improve posture, burn fat and lose weight in five minutes.

The method was written by Tomomi Ishimura, personal trainer, and yoga teacher, who assures that the key is in the posture, the position of the neck, shoulders, back, hips, and feet; and finally the breath. The objective is to return the body to its zero position or natural position, which is, according to the author, the position in which the body loses fat and is toned.

Lose Weight

All you have to do is lie on your back and perform the six simple exercises (5 stretches + 1 toning exercise) of the Zero Training method. To perform the exercises you will need a rolled towel, a pillow, and a mat, or you can opt for the help of several books.

“Breathing in through the nose for a few seconds and exhaling through the mouth is very useful for our rigid and inflexible body to relax, ” says Tomomi in the book The Zero Training method.

In the following video you will be able to see better the postures and breaths that you should do:

These exercises will need the approval of a specialized trainer and a nutritionist since it seems false to assume that just five minutes without adding a better lifestyle will be the miracle recipe for being without body fat. Consult with a professional and pay attention to your lifestyle.

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