A Drug For Multiple Sclerosis Could Alleviate Memory Loss In Alzheimer’s!


The disease of Alzheimer is one of the great challenges for modern medicine because of its high incidence and its destructive effects on the quality of life of sufferers and the people around them .

This is expressed in an article published in Frontiers of Neuroscience , in which they detail the results of an experiment carried out in mice to verify the scope of the possible effects of the drug in question, glatiramer acetate.

Novel Object Recognition Technique

The evaluation of the effects of the drug on the memory of the mice was carried out using the novel object recognition technique , consisting of allowing the mice to browse two objects inside a box for a specified time, then remove them from the box, and re-insert them after a while having changed one of the two objects.

The path to human use

As is logical, these results at the moment only point to the possibilities of the drug in the treatment of Alzheimer’s in humans, but it is not yet possible to extrapolate the conclusions to its operation in people.

In fact, although we know that glatiramer acetate is safe because it is already used in humans in another pathology, it will have to undergo future clinical trials on its use in this specific setting before it can be a viable option for treatment. Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, the knowledge already acquired about its possible side effects in people could significantly speed up the process.

Be that as it may, the authors do emphasize that this experience sheds light on a possible little-explored mechanism of Alzheimer’s , such as the role that the immune system plays in its development and the possibility of minimizing the ravages of the disease by modulating the immune response.