Can You Exercise With Covid?

The virus affects different organs of the body, a check-up may be necessary before resuming physical activities.

Although physical activity is beneficial for health, in times of contagion of covid-19 its effects can be negative. Since performing physical activity during contagion can affect health.

If you have been diagnosed with this disease, whether or not you have symptoms, you should not exercise for two weeks after receiving the positive test. This is the best way to recover and fight the virus, explains Sunal Makadia , Director of Sports Cardiology at LifeBridge Health in Baltimore.

If you experience symptoms such as chest pain or palpitations, stop exercising immediately and consult your doctor. Be aware while exercising or you may risk injury.

Maria Kyriacou, Ph.D., of Baptist South Florida , suggests taking a four-phase approach with a minimum of one week devoted to each phase. Light-intensity activities like stretching, yoga, Tai Chi, and walking are good choices for the first two phases. In phases three and four you can introduce resistance training and aerobic exercises that focus on your balance, coordination and strength.



Sport is the best ally against diseases. It is necessary to improve blood circulation and the functioning of the heart and lungs. However, rest is key in the face of a disease, even more so in the face of the coronavirus about which so little is known.

A study carried out by cardiologists from the Cardiovascular Institute of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital highlights that maintaining regular physical activity increases the chances of survival in COVID-19 patients by up to eight times compared to those who lead a sedentary life . However, they recommend not doing it if you have covid-19.

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