COVID-19: Tips To Be Able To Travel Without Risk Of Contagion

Many decide to travel to other destinations to enjoy these festivities in a different city.

At the time of Christmas and New Year, many decide to travel to other destinations to enjoy these festivities in a different city or to know a new place.

However, new cases of coronavirus continue to appear around the world, so when leaving home, either to a nearby place or to another country, the ideal will always be to take all the necessary precautions and biosecurity measures, including using the mask correctly, disinfecting your hands constantly and maintain physical distance.

If you are one of those who have decided to travel, for whatever reason, you can take into account the following recommendations, which can help you prevent contagion.

Verify the place where you will travel

It is important to plan and find all the possible information about the place to which you are going to travel, including what are the restrictions or documents (vaccination card, negative coronavirus test, etc.) that are requested in that place. It is also recommended to verify what are the steps to follow in case you catch COVID-19 in that destination.

Mobilization and accommodation

The ideal will be to make it clear in what type of transport you will move to that place (and when you have arrived). In the same way, you cannot ignore the accommodation, it is better to already have a reservation. As in the previous recommendation, it is important to know what documents or requirements are required both to travel and at the site of the stay.


By air or by land

Whatever type of transport you choose, you must use the mask correctly at all times and try to avoid touching the surfaces (cup holders, seat separators, belts, etc.). The same care should be taken by your companions. If you do, you should wash your hands with soap and water or use disinfectant wipes with alcohol.


When using this means of transport, it can be very useful to have the exact money so that you do not receive money from the other person, since there is contact in the exchange and you could acquire the virus. One option is to make the payment by transfer or digital wallets.

Respect the protocols

A recommendation that should be taken into account all the time, not only when we are traveling. It is necessary to adapt to the measures of each place, because they serve as prevention and, in addition, not complying with them could only cause you and those around you to have a bad time.

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