How Good Is It To Walk After Eating?

Walking after eating, in the proper way, could generate various benefits to the body.

Recent research by experts from George Washington University, in the United States, shows that walking after eating can lower blood sugar levels, which rise between 30 and 60 minutes after eating.

In a publication of El País, it is explained that, for the walk to be effective, this activity must be 15 minutes, at a speed of about 4.8 kilometers per hour (similar to what we must walk to live longer), it is said, briskly.

Research also mentions that walking 15 minutes after each meal will be more effective than taking a single 45-minute walk a day.

German scientists have also discovered that, at a speed of 4 km / h, digestion improves, if you take a walk after eating.

Walk After Eating

Another benefit is that it also relieves reflux and heartburn, according to a study that analyzed the pH of the esophagus after giving a breakfast of eggs with bacon and coffee to the participants and asking them to walk for an hour after they finished eating.

But walking in this way not only lowers our blood sugar, but it can also help us lose weight, a conclusion that is also mentioned in another study conducted at the Yasuyo Hijikata Clinic in Osaka, Japan, which also mentions that exercising after Eating has many more benefits than sitting or reclining on the couch.

While the walk becomes popular for its benefits after eating, taking a nap, on the contrary, is not favorable, according to some studies. Walking can even help us get rid of that dream that appears after we eat.

The most common mistakes we make when going for a walk

However, other research indicates that, if we are still sleepy after walking, at that time a nap would not be a bad option, but it should not exceed 30 minutes to be beneficial.

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