Ice pick headache…that keeps on going?

Ice pick headache

On Tuesday I left the house for the first time in two weeks. It was great. I got my hair cut. 🙂 But as is usual, I got a horrific headache that night… Possibly the strangest, worst, and most sudden I’ve had in a while, actually.

Around midnight I got up for the bathroom, came back, and somehow within that span of two minutes I now felt like someone had stabbed an ice pick into the front of my skull, between my eyes (but the left one primary hurt). I started shaking, rocking back and forth, and clawing at my face. Oh, goodness, it hurt… The mere twenty minutes waiting for the medicine to start working seemed like hours. And I still don’t know why it happened?!

Turns out there actually is a kind of headache termed “ice pick headache” but they’re only supposed to last a few seconds. This one lasted hours. I’ve found some connection with it to migraines, and as I’ve figured out recently I do have a tendency to get a Migraine the last.. four times I’ve left the house. But as of today it is gone, so. Goodness knows if it was a Migraine or something from an infection… The left side of my face randomly droops and grimaces throughout the day, so it’s possible some of the nerves in my face are generally under seige. I just hope whatever “that” was, won’t happen again anytime soon.

I’ve otherwise been having a lot of arm weakness, which is no doubt “punishment” from the M.E. after typing my last entry, however there’s something else there that’s prolonging it. So they’re recovering, but something is irritating them. Today has been quite profound as far as feeling.. I don’t know how to describe it. I’m unsure if the majority of it is from going “out” yesterday, or if there’s some type of infection flare (I did randomly start crying today…) but, I feel almost as if I don’t have enough blood in my body. I’d bet my left foot I’m in one of my anemic stages right now. It’s an.. internal weakness.. that I often feel when I’m hospitalized. I’m not sure what to call it. It’s not fatigue, it’s not weakness (then again, I tend to define weakness in muscular terms), it’s.. the “are you sure I’m still connected to my body? because I don’t think I have enough energy to even move” feeling. I’ve also had to frequently take deep breaths (which I can do, so it’s not like air hunger), so that’s more support for the anemia theory… Bartonella destroys red blood cells, you know, and I can’t help but wonder, if the bartonella is in the blood cells and then the antibiotic kills it… What happens to that red blood cell, then?

My legs are getting slightly more able during the day, so taking the Rifampin doesn’t automatically mean mandatory wheelchair anymore. So yes, legs aren’t as weak, arms are very weak (and my right one has had intermittent numbness again, how unusual), crazy headaches, weak breathing with feelings of extreme internal weakness, random dizzy spells (with that strange feeling in my head like I get sometimes), and mild amounts of arrhythmia (so the “dizziness” may actually be from that). Speaking of my chest, my ribs keep having stabbing pains in them, along with soreness around the thymus gland. I’m not suggesting that it’s coming FROM the gland, but to get an idea for my future reference, it’s around there.

Yup. I’m definitely in health-journal mode.