The Risks Of Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol How Much Is Dangerous?

risks of driving

Guayaquil, one of the commercial cities of the country, has a high flow of vehicles daily. In a pandemic context, traffic jams occur in different areas of the city.

98% of the traffic accidents in Guayaquil originate from six causes, according to a count by Transit Agency and (ATM). Drinking alcohol before driving is one of the most serious causes of traffic accidents, in this city, it is the fourth cause of vehicle collisions.

This is because alcohol reduces reflexes and affects behavior. The Traffic and Mobility Agency is driving under the influence of alcohol or other stimulants. 11% have caused accidents under this cause.

It is important to note that from an alcohol level of 0.5 g / l, the effects in almost everyone are more than evident. But not only should this legal limit be taken into account, but it is also necessary to be aware that just having had a glass of wine or beer, the driver exposes himself to greater risk.

Dont Drink & Drive

Depending on your BAC level, the effects may be different. Many people underestimate the effects and alterations it produces in the body.

  • The sense of responsibility is reduced and it becomes more difficult to maintain a level of attention.
  • Fatigue appears.
  • The lights are worse perceived and it is more sensitive to glare.
  • Balance is disturbed and movements lose precision.
  • The visual field is greatly diminished and problems arise in maintaining visual concentration.
  • Increase reaction time.
  • Maneuvers that require double attention are more difficult, for example, merging onto a road or high traffic situations.
  • It is much more difficult to perceive the elements that are on the sides of the road, such as if you are driving through a tunnel.

Risks Of Driving Under Alcohol