The Side Effects Of Drinking Lot Of Orange Juice Every Day

Nutritionists recommend eating it whole, rather than as juice.

The orange, in addition to having a great flavor, provides multiple health benefits. For this reason, many people choose to add it at breakfast as a rich fresh juice.

Among the benefits of orange is the presence of vitamin C; helps eliminate toxins, contains flavonoids and essential oils which help prevent premature aging in the skin. In addition, due to their high content of polyphenols, oranges can protect you against viral infections, they also provide vitamin A, folic acid, and copper, nutrients that strengthen your immune system; It also reduces uric acid, which is beneficial when it comes to preventing arthritis or gout problems, among other benefits; however, its excessive consumption can cause health problems.

A glass of juice with about three squeezed oranges provides about 210 calories; On the other hand, in the presentation of juice, the fibers in the pulp are lost, as explained by the founding expert of the Argentine Institute of Food and Nutrition (IAAN) Alberto Cormillot. Therefore, the specialist recommends eating the whole orange, rather than as juice, since, in addition, when the fruit is squeezed it loses pectins and cellulose, which increases sugar levels; While eating the pulp of the orange regulates blood sugar levels, allowing you to make the most of all the nutrients it contains.

Here are six ways how high amounts of orange juice can harm your health:

Presents fructose

An investigation carried out by the experts Robert Lustig and Richard Johnson, comments that the abuse of these makes you gain weight by deceiving the metabolism since it turns off the appetite control organ in your system.

Fructose does not adequately prompt insulin, explains The Sugar Fix, by the aforementioned experts; which also contributes to the fact that it does not suppress ghrelin (the “hunger hormone”) and does not motivate leptin (the “satiety hormone”), which together contribute to insulin resistance. This causes the person to eat more.

Damage your ears

Fructose increases triglyceride levels and the head of the Otoneurology Office of the Regional Hospital, Alma Pesquero says that the ear is usually the first organ to manifest a condition in the circulatory system, contributing to the presence of hyperlipidemia, that is, high levels of triglycerides (the main type of fat that travels through the bloodstream for energy or storage).

Causes diabetes

A study carried out in the British Medical Journal mentions that eating fruit reduces the risk of developing diabetes, drinking it is the opposite.

Remember that if diabetes is not controlled, the blood glucose level rises to the point that it damages other organs. This can lead to blindness, cardiac arrest, stroke, kidney failure, or amputations.

It does not have fiber

Orange juice represents 10% of the fiber that an orange normally has. Therefore, it is preferable to eat a textured orange rather than juice.

Time affects you

According to the Salud180 portal, if the juice is kept for more than two hours, either in the refrigerator or outdoors, its nutritional value decreases by around 80%. So ingesting it constantly, will not do any good in health matters, it will only make the person who consumes it fat.

Gain weight

Only fast-absorbing hydrates are used in orange juice, violently increasing insulin in the blood and contributing to the formation of fat. (I)

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