Tips To Take Care Of The Beauty And Health Of The Skin During These Festive Seasons

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Frequent use of makeup, bad nights, intake of alcohol, sugar, and other unusual dishes can affect the appearance of the face.

The most festive time of the year has arrived and surely this December 2021 you will be more full of parties and family feasts than ever, after a year of isolation due to the pandemic. These celebrations and holiday excesses can affect the brightness and appearance of the skin, due to the frequent use of makeup, bad nights, intake of alcohol, sugar, and other dishes out of the ordinary. Hence, it is important to apply preventive measures and special care so that the dermis resists these dates without collapsing.

“Inflammation of the skin is usually one of the most visible signs of the effects of the holidays, due to the accumulation of chemicals, toxins, and dirt in the pores. Similarly, excesses can affect the production of collagen and elastin, causing dryness. In addition, the appearance of acne and blackheads due to the lack of oxygenation and cleaning can be another result. For this reason, regardless of age, this season it is essential to include a good dermal cleansing, the use of moisturizers, moisturizers, and sunscreen to show off healthy and flawless skin, ”explains María Eugenia Cantos, Cosmetologist at Farmacias Medicity.


According to the expert, there are three main recommendations for after a night out :

Remove makeup: Cleaning is key to the health of the skin, as it guarantees proper oxygenation and therefore prevents abuse and premature aging. Makeup or airborne particles can clog pores, so your bedtime routine should include: washing your face at night and in the morning to remove dirt and oil, which can even lead to acne and loss of shine .

Hydrate and repair: The skin is one of the first organs that reveals excessive alcohol consumption and is reflected by the appearance of spider veins, erythema or facial redness, wrinkles around the lips and eyes, and even produce jaundice, which is the yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes, derived from increased bilirubin in the blood due to certain liver disorders. Alcohol undoubtedly causes dehydration, which is why it is important to consider using a moisturizing night cream. It is also important that when you wake up, after taking a shower, you use a cream to hydrate the skin, it is best to use moisturizers that have hyaluronic acid, which is a component that allows the skin to look firmer, brighter, and healthier. . In the case of having dark circles or bags it is appropriate to use eye patches, ideal for reducing inflammation in the area. Last but not least, always use sunscreen before leaving home to avoid skin blemishes and premature aging.

Rest the necessary time: After a full night of partying, the skin, body, and mind need to recover, so it is important to add a few minutes of rest before starting the routine of the next day. Several studies have shown that chronic lack of sleep or poor quality sleep causes premature aging of the skin, and as a consequence, it can cause greater laxity (it consists of the lengthening of a structure), an increase of fine wrinkles, and a visible loss of subcutaneous fat.

In addition to these basic measures, other beauty and skincare routines can be applied to ensure skin health:

Use scrub: Using scrub helps remove all dead skin cells, giving it a touch of freshness and shine. Depending on your skin type, a peel may be done a week or two.

Pamper the skin with a mask: The use of masks benefits the absorption of products used for skincare, and can even enhance the appearance of your makeup.

In the market, there is a wide range of alternatives and you can even apply natural masks, ideal for correcting the wear of the skin and nourishing it. The most advisable thing, however, is to verify the conditions of use, according to the type of skin.

Take care of your diet: The consumption of fats of animal origin, dairy products, red meat, and refined sugars can accelerate the aging of the skin by up to 25%. This is why it is important to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in the daily diet. In addition, to maintain proper hydration.