What Fruits Should Not Be Eaten At Night?

Consuming fruits regularly gives the body various benefits due to their high content of vitamins, minerals and they are one of the main sources of fiber, indicates nutritionist Rosa Labanda.

The specialist affirms that there is no specific time to consume fruits and advises to start including them in meals as a dessert so that this becomes a habit

Due to its low caloric intake, in principle, the fruit does not get fat regardless of the time it is consumed, the expert mentions, however, the portions that are ingested per day must be taken into account, since when exceeding three recommended, “there yes the sugar would have an inference in the daily calories of the person”.

The sugar in fruit does have a caloric intake, but for it to be significant in the body, it depends on the amount.

A publication by A RainBow At Night highlights the satiating capacity of fruits and indicates that eating them will always be a better option than carbohydrate or fatty food.

In the article, it is mentioned that an issue that could be considered is the acidity of certain fruits since they can cause reflux, or that some such as watermelon or melon, which have a large amount of sugar, activate the person and make it difficult to rest. In this case, to avoid discomfort, it is advisable to properly choose the type of fruit that is consumed at night.

Labanda also advises eating the whole fruit, “since it provides us with all its nutrients, including fiber, which many times in some fruits is found in the peel, while in the juice more than anything we have free sugars and we are removing a little of it. nutrients at the time of preparation. Also, if we add sugar, water, or milk, we already increase calories

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