11 late-summer recipes to make the most of tomatoes, peaches and more


Walking to my car the other night, I felt it. A slight chill in the air with a crisp breeze can mean only one thing: Fall is on the way. Some welcome the change, while others (myself included) dread the dwindling daylight and colder temperatures that loom. Regardless, summer still has a few weeks left, and we’re here to help you make the most of it.

How to choose and use tomatoes, corn and peaches — the stars of summer

These recipes encapsulate the vibrancy of the summer, making use of the bountiful produce that is in season. We’ve covered how to choose the best summer squash, eggplant and melons, and explained how to showcase tomatoes, corns and peaches. This is a culmination of all that summer cooking wisdom. Here are some of our most popular summer recipes from the past few years, and though there’s still time left to make them, don’t dillydally. For even more summertime stars, head to our Recipe Finder.

Petite Pasta Salad With Corn, Tomatoes and Feta, above. This light pasta salad features two of summer’s most beloved crops: corn and tomatoes. Feta lends a salty kick that takes the whole thing up a notch. Make a big batch for an end-of-summer get-together — it’s sure to be a hit.

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Classic Barbecue Chicken. Barbecuing and summer are basically inseparable. Fire up the grill once more to try out this saucy barbecue chicken.

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Summer Tomato and Basil Pasta With Pine Nut Sauce. This was readers’ favorite recipe in 2019, and for good reason. It’s not your average tomato sauce: pine nuts, lemon and olive oil give it a creamy, almost cheesy flavor. This recipe is great for anyone with an abundance of late-summer tomatoes.

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Couscous and Lentil Greek Salad. If a typical Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta and olives doesn’t sound quite hearty enough for your next meal, give this variation a try. Couscous and lentils add bulk, while the other ingredients maintain the classic, fresh flavor of the dish.

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Classic Southern Tomato Sandwiches. When tomatoes are at their peak, a simple sandwich is one of the best ways to showcase them. A pinch of salt and a generous smear of mayonnaise highlight juicy, fresh heirloom tomatoes without stealing the show.

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Peach Almond Slump. Sweet dumplings and peaches pair nicely in this summer slump. Serving with ice cream is optional but very much recommended.

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Mustard and Dill Potato Salad. Everyone has their own potato salad preference, but a mustard and dill combo is pretty hard to beat. This recipe is an essential for your summer cooking repertoire.

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Shells With Bacon, Zucchini and Sweet Onion. This summer pasta gets its richness and flavor from bacon and sweet onion. Top generously with grated Parmesan for an extra dose of umami.

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Watermelon and Cucumber Salad With Ginger, Lime and Mint. A salad that refreshes with every bite. If any late-summer heat waves are forecast where you are, this is the one to make.

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Grilled Corn With Miso Honey Butter. Take your corn-on-the-cob to the next level with sweet and salty miso honey butter.

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Honeyed Fig and Walnut Galette. The fig season is unfairly short, so take advantage of this late-summer gift and eat as many fresh figs as you can. Got more figs than you can handle in salads and out of hand? Use them in this free-form galette, where the fruit is complemented by honey and accented by walnuts.

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