13 winning images from the Washington Post’s 2022 Travel photo contest

Guenther shot the winning image during a month-long trip to England and Northern Ireland in May. She and her husband, both amateur photographers who specialize in architecture, had visited London before, but never Leadenhall Market, a covered market that dates to the 14th century. She took this photo of a young woman shining a man’s shoes just before noon and was struck by the intimacy and order of the scene. “I’m a very neat and orderly person, and she’s obviously taking pride in what she’s doing,” she recalls. Guenther, who is a retired senior executive at the Pentagon, made the image black and white to emphasize the details, such as the neat rows of polish containers and brushes. She used an Olympus OM-1 film camera with a 40-150mm F2.8 lens, and shot at 52mm, a fast setting, to catch the motion without blurring.

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