5 fried rice recipes for fast, flavorful meals

If you’ve got leftover rice, a bowl fried rice can be on the dinner table in almost no time. (This also works for any type of grain or seed for that matter, and it’s best to use cold, day-old ingredients.) It’s also a great way to use whatever vegetables and proteins you have languishing in your fridge to throw a meal together. But if you prefer more prescriptive guidance, here are some recipes from our Recipe Finder database to ensure dinner success.

Better Than Takeout Fried Rice. If you’re looking to nail down a relatively standard fried rice, this recipe, adapted from cookbook author Grace Young, is it.

Vegetable Fried Quinoa. While “rice” is pretty important to fried rice, I think of it as more of a framework, ripe for experimentation. So you’re free to use something other than white rice — including other types of grains and seeds — if you’re looking for extra nutrition. This dish features quinoa, and is packed with vegetables, including carrot, bell pepper, edamame and corn.

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