7 fall salad recipes full of seasonal colors and flavors

There are several notions about salads that I reject: a) that they’re boring; b) that they should only be savory and c) that they are strictly a summer food. I think with the influx of fast-casual salad chains that at least that first idea is losing traction, but there’s still work to be done to shift the other two perceptions.

In some ways, I find autumnal salads are even more enticing than their spring and summer counterparts. They present an opportunity to incorporate heartier ingredients, experiment with texture, and play with sweet and savory flavors in dynamic and exciting ways. Not to mention the fact that they’re an effortlessly gorgeous addition to the table, mimicking the changing of the leaves with their rich reds, golds and greens. Below are our favorite salads from the Recipe Finder for the fall months ahead.

Autumn Salad With Farro, Apple and Roasted Persimmon, above. With its nutty flavor and tender texture, farro is a favorite for fall salads. Here, it adds bulk to an array of gorgeous autumnal fruit, such as apple, persimmon and pomegranate.

Kale Salad With Roasted Mushrooms, Pears, Torn Croutons and Blue Cheese. Kale, mushrooms and blue cheese lend this salad a beautiful earthiness. Pear delivers hits of sweetness throughout, and an apple cider vinegar and grainy mustard vinaigrette livens it all up even more. This is a great side for a more complex main, as it only requires 15 minutes of active cooking time.

Fall Chopped Salad With Citrus Dressing. Chopped salads had a little bit of a moment earlier this year on TikTok, and we’re here to bring them back for autumn. Radicchio, Brussels sprouts and pear make for a bittersweet combination, while bacon and walnuts add savory heft.

Sweet Potato Salad With Orange-Maple Dressing. If you’re looking for a sweet potato side without the richness of a casserole, try this one out. The root vegetable’s natural sweetness is amplified by dried berries, orange juice, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. Scallions, parsley and pecans add a dose of texture and freshness.

Kale and Herb Salad With Poached Quince. If you’ve never cooked with quince before, this is a great place to start. Not meant to be eaten raw, the fruit is poached until sweet and syrupy. It makes for a beautiful bright topping for the rest of the salad, which is composed of iceberg lettuce, lacinato kale, mint and cilantro tossed with crunchy fall vegetables and a tangy yogurt dressing.

Apple Fennel Slaw. When you think of slaw, hot dogs, grilling and summer may come to mind, but the side can easily be adapted for fall flavors with apple and fennel. A light dressing of apple cider vinegar, oil, lime juice, honey and celery pepper adds brightness and acidity, making this a lively addition to the fall table.

Shaved Vegetable Salad With Creamy Cheese. If you’re looking for an excuse to eat a ton of burrata, this is it. Shave fall and winter vegetables thinly and layer them atop a gooey, creamy pile of the Italian cheese. This salad is endlessly versatile — try any combination of beets, carrots, apples, Brussels spouts, kohlrabi and more.

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