7 pie crust tips for tender, flaky results every time

The key to standard pie crust is having pockets of fat surrounded by flour. But if that fat starts to melt and mixes with the flour, it can start to develop gluten, which can lead to a tough crust. To prevent this, keep everything as cold as possible. Some bakers go so far as to put ingredients and equipment in the fridge or freezer before making pie crust. This is certainly an option, but freezing the butter or other fat can actually make things more difficult for you if you’re just using your fingers, as it will be too stiff to break into small pieces. If you have them — or want to make the investment — food processors or pastry cutters are great for limiting how much you have to touch the dough with your warm hands. But even without such equipment, as long as you work quickly, you should be good to go.

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