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They poke fun at the ridiculousness of electric scooters disturbing a peaceful walk home. They explore the devastating toll of gun violence on families. They wonder how a dog must feel now that its owner has returned to the office after a pandemic. No matter the topic, the contributors to Art With a Point have plenty to say about our complicated world. And with a roster hailing from D.C. to Paris to Tokyo and back again, the point of view comes from everywhere. Below, commentary on all things cultural, seasonal and political.

‘‘Wherever You Go, There You Are’’ by Holly Stapleton

Aug. 28, 2022

‘‘A Barre Cry’’ by Molly Magnell

Aug. 21, 2022

‘‘Wildflowers’’ by Cienna Smith

Aug. 7, 2022

‘‘Justice Jackson’’ by Taylor McManus

July 31, 2022

‘‘Tragic Loss’’ by Alexandria Canchola

July 24, 2022

‘‘Fire Season’’ by Corey Corcoran

July 17, 2022

‘‘Summer Loungin’ ’’ by Michelle Pereira

July 10, 2022

‘‘Protest Signs’’ by Carlos Carmonamedina

June 26, 2022

‘‘Journey’’ by Matt Murphy

June 19, 2022

‘‘The 75th Annual Tony Awards’’ by Julia Rothman

June 12, 2022

‘‘Running Into the Ground’’ by Daniel Fishel

June 5, 2022

‘‘Wet Hot American Summer’’ by Tara Jacoby

May 29, 2022

‘‘Superhero Movies, Assemble!’’ by Dom McKenzie

May 22, 2022

‘‘A Delayed Graduation’’ by Katty Huertas

May 15, 2022

‘‘Creating Space’’ by Ronan Lynam

May 8, 2022

‘‘Ukraine’’ by Grace Lanksbury

April 24, 2022

‘‘A Painted Easter’’ by Michelle Pereira

April 17, 2022

‘‘Stay’’ by Jon Krause

April 10, 2022

‘‘Lights, Camera, Bloom!’’ by Gel Jamlang

April 3, 2022

‘‘P!nball’’ by Dom McKenzie

March 27, 2022

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