Find out how to retailer cheese: Tricks to hold it recent longer

The USDA offers detailed guidance on the right way to deal with cheese with mould on it. For onerous cheeses the place the mould will not be a part of the processing, reduce at the least 1 inch round and under the mould, taking care to not drag the knife via the mould and cross contaminate the remainder. Cowl the cheese in recent wrap, and also you’re good to go.

For mushy cheeses made with mould, comparable to blue, brie and Camembert, discard any that sport mould that isn’t a part of the cheesemaking course of. You’ll be capable of inform the distinction on mushy, ripened cheeses, in line with Saxelby, as a result of the rind could look yellow, brown, grayish or slimy, relatively than the unique white. If there’s atypical floor mould on a mold-processed onerous cheese, comparable to Stilton or Gorgonzola, use the identical recommendation for onerous cheese above.

Don’t eat mushy cheeses (cottage, cream cheese, chevre) with mould, the USDA advices, as a result of they are often contaminated under the floor. The identical goes for sliced, shredded or crumbled cheeses, the contamination of which might be onerous to discern.

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