Resolution to Evan Birnholz’s Nov. 20 crossword, “’You Had One Job!’”

This weekend’s puzzle is a rerun from Jan. 15, 2017. You’ll be able to learn the original post for this puzzle here. To recap: Seven phrases are redefined as fill-in-the-blank criticisms from a boss who’s chastising you for not doing the one job they instructed you to do.

  • 23A: [“I told you to fight back, but you ___”] is COULDN’T RESIST.
  • 34A: [“I told you to escort the inmates to their cells, but you ___”] is TOOK NO PRISONERS.
  • 51A: [“I told you to spray insecticide, but you ___”] is WOULDN’T HURT A FLY.
  • 69A: [“I told you to divulge information, but you ___”] is WENT WITHOUT SAYING.
  • 86A: [“I told you to save your money, but you ___”] is SPARED NO EXPENSE.
  • 101A: [“I told you to receive a message, but you ___”] is DIDN’T GET THE MEMO.
  • 118A: [“I told you to chip in a little bit of change, but you ___”] is GAVE NO QUARTER.

And although it’s not a theme reply, I all the time figured the ultimate Down clue of the puzzle was your response again to the boss. 121D: [“You just have to ___”] is ASK.

A handful of clues have modified in some small method since this puzzle was first revealed. Most of those had been minor changes to accommodate the scale and format of The Journal that are a bit totally different than they was. These clues are:

I hope you loved this puzzle a second time, or a primary time if it was completely new to you. Subsequent week we’ll return with a brand new crossword and — truthful warning — it has a meta. You are able to do it. Glad Thanksgiving!

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