Summer of KidsPost: Readers make the most of the outdoors


Summer is winding down, but we’re still enjoying reading all about KidsPost readers’ summer adventures. Check out how these four KidsPost-reading families are enjoying their time off. There’s still some summertime left, so be on the lookout for more Summer of KidsPost — and consider bringing a KidsPost page to wherever you’re having summer fun!

Max Melamed, 5, his sister Hanna Melamed, 8, and their cousin Isabel Melamed, 4, all from Washington, D.C., visited Breckenridge, Colorado. They learned about the city’s gold mining history, panned for their own gold and saw a mother moose with her baby while on a hike. This photo was taken after they took the gondola to the top of Peak 8.

Drew Doering, 10, of Washington, D.C., took a summer cruise in Alaska with his mom, dad and grandparents. While in Alaska, he took his first helicopter ride, got to land on a glacier and saw dozens of bald eagles in the wild. Here, he stands in front of a totem pole.

Ruby “Caili” Stanley, 10, of Arlington, Virginia, visited the Pentre Ifan in Pembrokeshire, Wales — which is the largest Wales megalithic tomb made from the same bluestone used for the tall, upright stones of Stonehenge.

Siblings Mirabelle Neirmann, 9, Phillip Neirmann, 12, and Victor Niermann, 21, of Ashburn, Virginia, went to the Blue River Arm in Summit County, Colorado. Mirabelle caught a rainbow trout and her dad fried it up!

We want to see more of our readers’ adventures, so take a KidsPost page along and share with us how you’re enjoying the break. We’ll feature a selection of readers’ photos in the print KidsPost and at In September, three randomly selected participants will receive a KidsPost prize package.

● Get a recent copy of KidsPost. You can even print a PDF of or an online KidsPost story if you don’t have access to the print newspaper. Take it on your vacation or even a day trip.

● Get someone to take a photo of you — and siblings or other family members — holding KidsPost. Just make sure at least one person in the photo is between the ages of 5 and 13.

● Have a parent fill out the entry form at­2022 and upload your photo. List the full name, age and hometown of everyone in the photo, and explain where you are and any interesting details about your trip.

● Families can submit only one photo, and it must have been taken after May 27, 2022. Entries are due by September 1.

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