How 2020 election deniers did in their 2022 midterm races

The 2022 midterm elections were not great, though far from a total failure, for Republican candidates who joined former President Donald Trump in denying the legitimacy of his defeat in the 2020 election.

Some election deniers won their races, according to CNN projections — notably including candidates who will now become elections chief in Republican-dominated states. But election deniers lost a number of closely watched races in states that are competitive in presidential elections, including particularly vehement deniers who ran for Pennsylvania governor and for Michigan governor and secretary of state.

Secretary of state: CNN counted 12 Republican nominees for state elections chief who rejected, questioned or tried to overturn the results of the 2020 election. CNN has projected four of those candidates as winners (all in Republican-dominated states) and six as losers (including in Michigan). Two are in races too early to call – aggressive 2020 conspiracy theorists in the presidential swing states of Arizona and Nevada.

Governor: CNN counted 22 Republican nominees for governor who rejected, questioned, tried to overturn or refused to affirm the 2020 election results. CNN has projected seven of those candidates as winners (all of them incumbent governors except for Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas) and 12 as losers (among them far-right election conspiracy theorist Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania, who would have gained the power to appoint the state’s election chief). Three are in races too early to call, including forceful election denier Kari Lake in Arizona.

Senate: CNN counted 19 Republican nominees for the US Senate who rejected, questioned, tried to overturn or refused to affirm the 2020 results. (Senators have less power over elections than secretaries of state or governors do, but they do get a vote on certifying the Electoral College results in presidential elections and on federal elections legislation.) CNN has projected 10 of those candidates as winners and six as losers. Three are in races too early to call.

You can read about the projected winners and losers in the interactive below. CNN will update this article as more information becomes available.

Click or tap on one of the candidates below for more details.

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