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Ian has weakened to a tropical storm, continues to pummel Florida

The center of Tropical Storm Ian is located 10 miles west of Cape Canaveral on Thursday morning, according to the 8 a.m. ET update from the National Hurricane Center, but the impacts are being felt over hundreds of miles.

Top wind speeds with Ian are at 65 mph, with higher gusts, but tropical storm-force winds (39 mph and up) are stretching all the way from Tampa, Florida, to north of Charleston, South Carolina. 

The tropical storm-force wind field stretches for more than 550 miles on Thursday, which is around 200 miles more than when Hurricane Ian made landfall on Wednesday.

In addition to the winds, torrential rainfall has been — and still is — occurring across much of central and northeastern Florida. 

Some of the heaviest rain has fallen in and around the Orlando area where flash flood warnings remain in effect. Rainfall amounts over one foot have been reported and additional rain is expected.

The Little Wekiva River, north of Orlando, is already a foot over its all-time record crest, and it is forecast to rise nearly another two feet.

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