Kamala Harris Becomes America’s First Acting President

Kamala Harris

For the first time in history, a woman has assumed the acting president of the United States. Joe Biden, 78, temporarily transferred executive power to Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday due to a routine operation to which the Democrat who has him sedated, and therefore unable to make decisions, is being subjected. The White House has reported that it will share a written summary of the president’s physical examination in the afternoon this Friday.

“The vice president will work from her office in the west wing during this time,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a statement. It is routine for the vice president to assume presidential powers while the president undergoes a medical procedure that requires anesthesia, but as Harris is the first woman of number two, she has made history. Psaki recalled the cases of 2002 and 2007 when then-President George W. Bush also underwent a routine colonoscopy and Vice President Dick Cheney temporarily took office.

Biden arrived first thing in the morning at Walter Reed Military Hospital for his annual physical exam the day before his 79th birthday. The Democratic president is the oldest person to occupy the Oval Office and, although in Washington there is a question about whether he will run for reelection in 2024, he has cleared up the doubts by ensuring that he will compete again.

Earlier this year, former President Donald Trump’s press secretary Stephanie Grisham hinted that the Republican underwent a “very common procedure” during which “a patient is sedated,” but kept it a secret to avoid hand over presidential power to his then-vice president, Mike Pence. He also didn’t “want to be the butt of a joke” on evening entertainment shows for undergoing an operation that occurred at Walter Reed Military Hospital in 2019, Grisham added in the book I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the House. White Trump.