The USA could have tight requirements for travelers before the omicron variant


The health authorities of the United States are analyzing new travel restrictions due to the irruption of the omicron variant. They could be announced as soon as this Thursday by President Biden

Given the irruption of the omicron variant, the United States health authorities are considering imposing new requirements on travelers who want to enter the country.

According to reports from The Washington Post, citing three people with knowledge of the matter, President Joe Biden would announce this Thursday, within the framework of his strategy to control the pandemic for winter, measures such as more diagnostic tests for covid-19 with a negative result, regardless of whether those who enter are vaccinated or not. It must have been done one day before the trip.

Another measure that is being considered is the imposition of seven days of mandatory quarantine.


On November 8, less than a month ago, the United States reopened its borders. Now, the measures dictated by then would undergo some changes, which also include that those who have already entered the country undergo a second diagnostic test, three to five days after their arrival.

And for the first time, according to the text in question, it is contemplated to impose sanctions for those who do not comply with the mandates, which must be endorsed by the Department of Justice.

These regulations are part of a draft that came out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), already under review by the White House.

Jason McDonald, a spokesman for the CDC, said they are working “to modify the current travel requirements mandate to accommodate what we know about the new variant.”

The United States is already on the list of nations with borders closed to flights from eight southern African nations, even though cases have already been detected in Canada and Brazil, and also even though the Netherlands confirmed that it already had cases registered for the mutation before it was discovered in South Africa.